Changing Seasons...

Every season brings new life to the Sanctuary...

From the green shoots of spring, the turning of leaves in the fall and the white crisp snow of winter, each year brings new life.

And like the changing of the seasons, each year we welcome new rescues to the Sanctuary, beautiful souls in need of love, care and attention...



December 2020 - This year has been quite the challenge!

Without warning on August 17, 2019 we found ourselves with only 15 minutes to evacuate from a major wildfire that was headed right for us. Driven by high winds and drought, the fire traveled so quickly that no one in our community had time for a proper evacuation. Homes were completely consumed and burned to the ground in minutes. The few structures at the Sanctuary miraculously remained standing but the flames torched over half of the 40acres the Sanctuary calls home.

For three days the fire raged, changed lives and the land forever… it has been a huge adjustment for all who reside at the Sanctuary and now, a year later, we are still struggling to catch up. All our hand-built access trails we use to train the dogs are now inaccessible and there are still unsafe areas of the property as dead trees remain precariously standing waiting for the next windstorm to finally lay over.

As if a life changing wildfire was not enough to adjust to for the year, in March of 2020 we started feeling the effects of the COVID epidemic and the shut down of so many business and services. As a non-profit existing off the grid with limited access to supplies, even a temporary shut down greatly effects our ability to store the basics like water, dog food and straw.

We are now seeing many restrictions being lifted here in Alaska but the effects of the shutdown are running deep. Much of the income we use to support the dogs through the winter is generated during the summer months as we attend shows and fundraisers talking to tourists and soliciting donations. With the shut down however, every event we planned for was canceled leaving us with no way to fundraise, and little time to plan an alternative.

As 2020 comes to a close we are proud to say that we are still here thanks to donations from our supporters and through the monthly online auctions we are hosting over on our Facebook page. Months ago we were hoping we would be able to get back to normal but now with winter quickly on its way it is clear we will be wrapping up this year with no way to plan for financial support to carry us through the winter.

Now more than ever we are depending on our supporters and friends to help us raise the funds to meet the dogs basic needs like dog food, straw and veterinary care...

If you would like to donate and help support the Sled Dog Sanctuary dogs, click on the donation button below. Any amount helps and is greatly appreciated… thank you for your support!



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Join our sled dog team! Sponsoring a sled dog is a great way to help support sled dogs in need!

The Sled Dog Sanctuary maintains a maximum carrying capacity of 25 sled dogs on our forty acre facility. Every dog in the kennel is cared for by two full time mushers with a 20+ years of experience in training, housing and looking after their every need.

This on-site support is only half of what makes the Sled Dog Sanctuary great... the other half depends on you... to feed, house and train each dog we need your support to provide the necessary funding for food, vet care and supplies keeping everyone cozy and warm all throughout the winter.

Show your support and join today at the many levels we have available and receive our free gifts as a thank you for supporting these amazing athletes!

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The Sanctuary Residents

Many sled dogs call the Sanctuary home, some are just passing through while the more troubled cases will spend their whole lives within the Sanctuary.

Get to known each one of their unique personalities...

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There are many ways you can support the dogs in the Sled Dog Sanctuary.

Donate time, dog food, treats or through monetary means you can help us give sled dogs all over Alaska a renewed outlook on life...

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What Makes Us Unique

A forty acre haven devoted to sled dogs, run by mushers with over twenty years combined experience and access to limitless trails as far as the eye can see.

The Sled Dog Sanctuary is a rescue like no other. Come and explore what makes us so unique...

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With your support we have been able to change the lives of sled dogs and enrich the lives of people all over the state of Alaska...


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